This Indian Man Has Not Bathed In 22 Years

62-year-old man from Bihar, India has been getting a lot of attention in his home country after it was known that he has not taken a bath in over two decades.

Dharamdev Ram is well-known in his hometown of Baikunthpur. Everyone knows he hasn’t taken a bath or even a quick shower in 22 years, but no one mocks him for it; instead, he is admired for his decision.

This is because the 62-year-old man has pledged not to bathe until violence against women, land disputes among men, and the slaughter of innocent animals cease. That has yet to happen, so Dharamdev is sticking to his word.

“I started working in a factory in Jagdal, Bengal, in 1975, got married in 1978, and was living a normal life,” Dharamdev Ram recently told ETV Bharat. “However, in 1987, I became acutely aware that land disputes, animal slaughter, and atrocities against women had started increasing. So, in search of an answer, I approached a ‘Guru’ who took me as his disciple and inspired me to follow the path of devotion. Since then, I headed on the path of devotion and started meditating for Lord Rama.”

In the year 2000, when he vowed to refrain from bathing until the above-mentioned wrongdoings stopped, Ram also quit his job at the factory he was working at, but quickly came back due to pressure from his own family. However, when spread about his unusual pledge, he was fired, and he has remained unemployed ever since.

Ram’s wife, Maya Devi, died in 2003, but he refused to bathe even then. Years later, one of his sons died, but he did not break his vow, and he still does, despite the fact that his other son died this year. Even if it means never bathing again until the day he dies, the 62-year-old is willing to keep the vow he made 22 years ago unless his noble goal is achieved.

Dharamdev Ram’s unusual campaign to end violence against women and animals, as well as land disputes, recently went viral in India, sparking a journalistic investigation. Reporters traveled to Baikunthpur, Bihar’s Gopalganj district, to interview Ram and several locals, all of whom confirmed that he had not bathed in over two decades