Thousands Of Russians absconds From Home To Avoid Being Sent To Front Line By Putin

DESPERATE Russians are frantically attempting to flee the country to avoid being sent to the frontline amid Putin’s call up.

[b]Massive queues have built at Russia’s borders as people try to escapeCredit: East2West News
Huge queues have built at the borders with Finland, Georgia and Mongolia as tens of thousands try to escape being sent into the tyrant’s “meatgrinder”.[/b]

Protest erupted in 38 cities after Putin announced a partial mobilisation in a TV address to bolster crumbling efforts in Ukraine.

But they have been met with baton-wielding cops, with at least 1,386 people arrested.

As the fear of conscription ripples through Russia, some men have been hauled out of bed in the middle of the night and told they had four hours to pack their belongings and obey the mobilisation order.

There were reports of people cowering behind doors and refusing to accept the military summonses.

In Luchegorsk, men who refused to open doors at night were handed the summonses when they arrived at work this morning.

Some 60 men were taken to Bikin, in Khabarovsk region, and sent into the hands of the Russian military machine. 

Footage recorded Russians enlisted by Putin’s mobilisation being taken to training camps.

One man made a last-ditch attempt to escape the enlistment office in Blagoveshchensk by leaping out of a first-floor window.

Many have snapped up last minute plane tickets to get out of the countryCredit: East2West