Ticket For Peter Obi Town Hall Meeting In USA Costs $250-$5k

Baba wey no dey drop shishi dey charge $250 for townhall meeting. Anyway, Farooq Kperogi is giving back the favor. If you no go give shishi, e no dey pay shishi. Guy man no fit dey job guy man

Seriously though, why is Peter Obi charging as much as $5000 in some instances for his town hall meetings in America? Is this dude scamming Nigerians? Is he cashing out all in the name of presidential contest? What exactly is the registration fees for?

People have asked if I’ll attend Peter Obi’s townhall meeting with diasporan Nigerians in Atlanta tonight. No, I won’t because it costs at least $250.

I won’t pay shishi to listen to a man who doesn’t give shishi.� The no-shishi policy shouldn’t be one-way; it should be reciprocal�