Tiny Crab Almost Drowns Large Bald Eagle In Tiny Crab Nearly Drowns Large Bald Eagle In Nice Battle

Bald eagles, like other eagles throughout the world, have long been revered as emblems of fortitude, bravery, independence, and longevity. Additionally, the bald eagle was special to North America, unlike other eagles. In American history, some eagles have attained notoriety.

The elegance and grace of eagles are befitting of their role as America’s national bird. The female eagle is bigger and heavier than the male, as is the case with the majority of raptors. They have a body length of over three feet, a wingspan that can reach seven feet, and an average weight of 12 pounds. The weight of eagles is less than it seems.

An eagle’s feathers make up most of its body, and since its bones are hollow, they are smaller than the skeletons of mammals. The eyes of an eagle have up to eight times more color-sensitive cones than those of a person. Their eyes, which are on the side of the head, have a broad field of vision.

Bald eagles can soar and hunt over broad areas with little effort thanks to their large wings, relative to other birds. They can go 400 to 500 miles per day when migrating. Bald eagles may seize their prey with the help of their powerful feet and big, sharp talons. While you think this would make them invincible, one crab proves otherwise.

Pain in a Pinch
A lone eagle is perching on a rock as waves crash around it. The footage seen below is from a Netflix documentary. This particular eagle was eager to catch food for his mate and was coming up short. Using his pristine vision, the bird spots something in the water.

Finally thinking he found dinner for his partner, the eagle reaches down with its beak to pick up a little crab. Although each crab species has unique characteristics, the majority of them use their hard shells and pincers as their main means of protection.

They are shielded by their shells from the environment and hungry predators. Because their pincers are so tightly closed, crabs can take hold of and fend against predators — and that’s exactly what this little guy did!

When the bird tried to grab him with its beak, the crab started pinching and eventually landed around the eagle’s eye, disrupting his vision. This throws the symbol of freedom off entirely and almost puts him in a confused state.

With its little pincers, the crab fends for his life and starts pinching all over the bird’s head. Having enough of the pain, the eagle decides this little meal wasn’t worth all of the effort. He shakes the crab off and flies back to the rock in the water to wait for the next opportunity to hunt.