Twitter User Recounts How RIDA Driver Kidnap Attempt

Twitter User, Thickumz writes:

My RIDA driver tried kidnap me Friday night.
I had to jump out of the moving car to save my life cause I didn’t know where he was taking me to after passing my bustop .

I just downloaded the app to get the drivers details but I can only get his number I have reported him to the app.

I booked this guy from Bature, etim Enyang VI to Mobil estate road. we started the trip, I asked for AC as I was hot he said he needs to buy fuel I said okay…

He should wind down and he did.
I asked where he wanted to get fuel as we passed Mobil on ozumba he didn’t answer
He was just giving an attitude I said you know what, I can’t continue this journey I want to get food abet drop me for Eat with Mimi Nike art gallery road I’ll pay.

You and book another ride from there. I was already chatting with wat with Mimi on WhatsApp
The rep asked where I was since I wanted to do pickup, I looked up we were at that freedom traffic light so I responded freedom way.
He parked by the traffic light and said to come down

I said Ahan I can’t come down here o the place is on your right he grumbled I said why you wan drop me here I no go pay you I carry me go front I go transfer your money I wan buy food I go take another cab go house when I finish.
He turned the cab to face the express

And said I go carry you go the address you put for map o said no wahala na make we dey go. He started making some weird calls that they ahould come and meet him at Abraham adesanya. I now a faked a call and told the person to meet me at Ilaje and was saying you go see me now egon

Permit my Typographical abeg
He now said to bring my phone let him talk to the person and who was I calling
I responded why you wan know make we dey go house
Next thing he said I go carry you go where you go see something
We had passed my bustop Ilaje already …

I brought out my charger cord and I said shey you no wan park abi, mind you I was seating behind him
I put the cord round his neck used my right leg to push the gear
He was struggling so he slowed down
I opened the door and jumped out

I’m literally shaking as I’m typing this

When I jumped out one agbero saw me and ran out asking kilon she’ll
I said ah egbon is you thank god
That man ma thief on
Na ritualist
Mind you I pretended to know him cause I wasn’t sure if they were working together
The cab guy parked at Ajah underbridge and was shouting

She no wan pay me I Dey carry am go atm
I now lied to the agbero that he has helped me collect my phone some boys at Ajah before and I know him very well
I just had to incasw they were together
I now narrated what happened to the agbero of which I told the cab guy I’d transfer

By then the cab guy walked back halfway speaking Yoruba to the agbero that I didn’t want to pay him so he was taking me to the atm at Abraham adesanya
The agbero now said “person wey no wan pay go jump like ghat?”
He came back to ask me if I had paid I said I told him I’d …

Transfer to him and if he wanted cash he could have requested and I’d give him
By this time my phones were already bad cause of the jump
I told the agbero to follow me go atm on the other side of Ajah l withdrew 10,000
And gave him 5,000
The driver still parked at Ajah

When he saw we weee going to bank he started following us
I told agbero that I won’t pay him cause he didn’t take me home
Thw driver was about to cross after I withdrew the money
The agbero now said in Yoruba I should just pay him and what if he wanted to turn under the bridge

I said he wasn’t turning I heard his phone call conversation
He was taking me to meet some people
He asked how much the cab was I said 3k
He gave the driver 3000 from the 5k I gave him and said he should go
While he was walking me back to Ilaje I gave him back his 3k

We got to Ilaje and he said he couldn’t go further and I started walking
First stopped at the redeem church at the bustop they didn’t open
Then I picked up a stick and walked past northwest
Saw some young guys doing security work
I told them what happened
They gave me bench

To seat and stayed with me till about 5am
When we saw a hilux pickup truck with lights and sound
Begged them to drop me close to my house and then I walked home from there!

I was even making jokes when I got home
I didn’t know when I started crying �
My whole body hurts

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