US Government Reportedly Crack Down Top Ransomware Hacker Group REvil With Their Own Hack

The government has succeeded in cracking the hacking group REvil, the brain behind the ransomware that’s been linked to leaked Apple leaks, attacks on enterprise software vendors, etc. According to a report from Reuters, the outlet’s sources tell it that the FBI, Secret Service, Cyber Command, and organizations from other countries have worked together to take the group’s operations offline this month. The group’s dark web blog, which exposed information gleaned from its targets, is also reportedly offline.

Reports about the group going offline started surfacing earlier this week, with TechCrunch writing that it’s Tor website was no longer available on Monday. There was speculation of a hack, motivated by a forum post from one of the group’s suspected leaders saying that its server was “compromised,” but at that time, it was unclear who was responsible. Reuterscites sources that say the government’s operation against ransomware hackers, including REvil, is still ongoing.

The US is slowly opening the cat in the bag with groups associated with ransomware, as the attacks become rampant and it becomes excessively expensive for companies (one company paid a $40 million ransom to restore its operations back to shape). The Treasury pushed sanctions that make it harder to turn hacked machines into cash, and the Department of Justice created a team for investigating crimes committed by cryptocurrency exchanges, citing the impact of ransomware several times in its announcement.