What Kids Did When Their Father Told Them He Didn’t Have Money To Buy Them Happy Hour

A dad has narrated what his kids did when they wanted their pack of juice but he told them he couldn’t afford it, IgbereTV reports.

The business manager took to LinkedIn to share the story. 

He explained that when the kids asked for the drink, he informed them that the only money he had with him, was to be used at a car wash where he planned to take his car.

When he came out to drive his car out, he found his kids washing his car.

Sharing photo of his children washing his car, he wrote;

“Kids: Dad, our Happy Hour has finished

Dad: I don’t have money

Kids: Are you going out?

Dad: Yes, to wash my car, but not now

Kids: But you said you don’t have money for Happy Hour

Dad: The only money with me here now is for washing the car.

30 minutes later, I came out and saw this.