World Cup Reporter, Dominique Metzger, Robbed Live On Air In Qatar

A female Argentinian reporter, Dominique Metzger has been robbed at the same time as on obligation on the World Cup, with money and files stolen from her handbag.

Metzger turned into broadcasting from the Corniche region of Doha withinside the building up to the primary in shape of the match whilst she stated the objects have been stolen.

‘I had my small bag on me with all of the matters that one needs, my pockets, the keys to our motel room, a few napkins,’ Metzger informed a TN community anchor.

‘And you have been dancing, right?’ the anchor requested her.

‘Yes, I turned into dancing with the gang and I’m satisfied that it turned into at that second while a person opened the bag zipper and took my pockets,’ she replied.

‘I didn’t realize at that second, you recognize you’re stay on air, with track and crowds round you, and I changed into targeted on you speaking to me too. So I wasn’t paying attention.

‘After I end my stay report, I desired to take my pockets to shop for a water bottle after which I realised I didn’t have it.’

Metzger showed that she said the incident to the nearby police, and become amazed via way of means of their response.

She stated that officers later confident that they’ll pick out the suspect, including that she become requested to pick out the punishment for the criminal.

‘”Do you need us to condemn him to 5 years in prison, to be deported?” He requested me, to make the choice.’

‘I informed them I simply need my pockets back, I won’t be making the choice for the justice system,’ she stated.