Man split 400k Bill With Lady & Her Girlfriend He Went On Date With

A TikTok Nigerian lady by name Mariam Oyakhilome her narrated her worst date experience.
Mariam with TikTok handle @Mariam_Oyakhilome, has taken to her TikTok account to narrate what transpired between her and the guy that took her and her girlfriend out.

According to Mariam, the unknown guy asked her out on a date, but because she doesn’t know him, she asked her girlfriend to accompany her on the said date.

Mariam, the guy and mariams girlfriend on getting there, ate and drank to their satisfaction, and accumulated a bill of over four hundred thousand naira #400,000.
The guy who took them out, demanded that three of them share the bill which Mariam refused owing to the fact that her girlfriend was sitting differently when they arrived and only joined them at the instance of the guy.

The guy insisted that Mariam’s girlfriend is supposed to also contribute in paying the bill, but to avoid much embarrassment, Mariam who appears well to do, paid the over four hundred thousand naira bill.