Yakubu Fanami Risked His Life With Female Suicide Bomber While Trying To Stop Her

Rest In Peace �� Hero�♥️


He was a young man full of life and optimism for the future. He was a first-year student in Borno State’s Kaleri Maiduguri. He gave his life on Friday in order to save hundreds of people who would have gone down in history. Thank you, but no thanks to the female suicide bomber who tried to blow them up during Jumaat. He recognized the threat and took every precaution to stop the bomber from entering the mosque. Together with him, she exploded and blew herself up. However, other worshipers were delivered. You are a hero, Yakubu Fanami. You opposed evil when you saw it. Without this, many people including myself may not have heard of you! Despite being taken short, your life had purpose.

If only for the sake of silent martyrs, heroes like you, Nigeria will be great.

This siege will be broken!

May Allah Accept Your Return Brother And Grant You Paradise. Amin