You Can Pay Anybody to Have Your Way, Corruption is Way too High: Oyinbo Man Visits Nigeria for the 1st Time

An American travel vlogger, Sabbatical Tommy, has complained bitterly about his experience of visiting Nigeria for the first time. Wearing a facemask while filming the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, the man said that the corruption among officials is way too high.

He said that every rule at the airport can be bypassed if one has money to pay the right person.

Tommy added that even if you do not want to have your bags checked, an official can be paid for it. Tommy revealed that the country is not for the faint-hearted. He said: “The Lagos airport is that every definition of corruption that would pop out in the dictionary. Literally everywhere, literally everything here. Coming in, you don’t want to wait on line for your COVID test, pay this guy. You don’t wanna have your bags checked, pay this guy.

We piled up some of the reactions below: pablo_billionzz said: “You never see anything.” rosegagadickson1 said: “Everything in Nigeria is money,,u nor get money u go suffer ,,bribery everywhere,who nor get money na slave for e own country,Nigeria needs big change,n it’s going to start with us bfor d govt.” ___mathematician said: “The corruption is too high and visible. Pay this…pay that…pay here and there and yet there services are just useless… Mehn.”

Woman complained about airport treatment Meanwhile, a video posted by Nigerian Comedienne Helen Paul showed an old woman lamenting the affairs of the Nigerian international airport. She said when she got to the airport it was raining heavily. The woman added that the sum of N500 was charged to use a trolley. The woman added that everywhere she has been around the world, she has never had to pay such as taxes could cover the cost.